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Changzhou BoShu sensor co. LTD was introduced into changzhou city in 2012 in the second batch of "longcheng talents plan". It is engaged in the research, development, production and sales of sensors with piezoelectric ceramics as the core technology. In 2017, the company was recognized as a high-tech enterprise in jiangsu province and won the third prize in the provincial innovation and entrepreneurship competition. Besides, it has built a provincial graduate workstation. Meanwhile, the company is also a member of the national intelligent manufacturing development alliance, which has undertaken a number of provincial and municipal projects. In May 2015, vice premier ma kai visited the company for inspection and guidance. In 2016, it won the final ranking of new material industry in China innovation and entrepreneurship competition. In 2018, China participated in the creation of an intelligent sensor innovation platform.

Ultrasonic sensor core components - the company knows of piezoelectric ceramic chip dozens of recipes, break the monopoly of Germany and Japan in the field, is widely used in the Internet of things perception layer, reversing radar, automatic parking assistant system, auxiliary system, unmanned vehicle engine detonation monitoring and control system, soot, smoke control system at close range and high precision testing, automatic control, ultrasonic distance measurement device, anti-theft alarm, parking space detection.

The company attaches great importance to applied research and development, and constantly expands the market of automobile electronics, Internet of things, consumer electronics, intelligent medical treatment, intelligent manufacturing and other aspects, rapidly expands the scale of core unit business, accelerates the integration of existing business, and establishes the core competitiveness of business.



  • Contact: Ms.Shi
  • Phone: 0086-519-8899 0132
  • Email: Li@bestarsensor.com
  • Address: Room 706, no.178 yulong south road, zhonglou district, changzhou

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CopyRight © 2019 - Changzhou BoShu sensor co. LTD all rights reserved. 
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CopyRight © -2019 Changzhou BoShu sensor co. LTD all rights reserved. 
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